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Questions & answers

Q: Are huubieBuild frames and products suitable for all ages?

A: Yes, suitable for the whole family to enjoy at once, Huubie frames are built for inclusive play,

Q: Can I assemble a huubie myself?

A: We’re afraid not. No two are identical, you see. We build every huubie from scratch on site to ensure that it is completely right for the surroundings and safe.

Q: Does the land need to be level?

A: No, it’s not necessary at all. With a huubie, we anchor beams directly into the ground to comply with commercial installation requirements. From cottage garden to grand estate, our build quality and safety is paramount.

Q: Can the frames be treated or stained?

A: All timber is pre treated with an environmentally friendly wood preservative. We also offer a variety of coloured stains.

Q: Can we have additions after construction of a play frame or huubie product?

A: Yes, additions can be added at any time and can be costed into the build.

Q: Can we have different slides?

A: Yes, bespoke slides can be made to your needs.

Q: Do I need much space around a huubie play frame?

A: For safety we recommend 2 metres in front of slides and 1.5 metres around the entire footprint, swings should have a clear area of 5 metres, 2.5 in front and 2.5 behind the swing.